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This region has many attractions and places to visit. Here’s our guide to things to do in Derby and The Kimberley.

Boab Festival / Giant Tides / Boab Prison / Golf / Fishing / Gibb River Road / Horizontal Falls / Windjana George / Tunnel Creek / Norval Gallery / Derby Visitor Centre /

Boab Festival

Don’t miss the Derby Boab Festival. Activities are scheduled for June/July in 2017.

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Giant Tides

A visit to Derby in WA is not complete without seeing high and low tides at the Derby Wharf – at up
to 12 metres they’re the highest in the southern hemisphere.

Boab Prison

Located 7km from Derby on the Derby – Broome Highway this huge Boab tree is believed to be around 1,500 years old. It was used as staging point for prisoners being walked into Derby.

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The Derby Golf course is a beautifully grassed course comprising 11 holes with 7 composite tee’s making 18 playable. Clubs can be hired at the Park Reception in support of the Golf Club.

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Book a day fishing tour.

Gibb River Road

Originally constructed in the 1960s to transport stock from surrounding cattle stations, the Gibbb River Road stretches some 660km from King Sound in Derby to Wyndham. The scenery is spectacular and there are many must-see spots along the way! The Gibb River Road conditions vary from sealed to unsealed and is only suitable for four wheel drive vehicles and not recommended for towing caravans, trailers or boats. Ask us about storing your caravan here at the park.

Horizontal Falls

Book a tour to experience one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. The phenomenon is caused by huge tidal movements forcing masses of seawater through a narrow gap in the high cliff walls.

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Windjana George

Windjana Gorge National Park is part of a 375 million-year-old Devonian reef system. Carved by the Lennard River, Windjana Gorge is over three kilometres long with 300 metre-high walls. The National Park is 145 kilometres from Derby and the only access is by unsealed roads.

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Tunnel Creek

Tunnel Creek National Park is Western Australia’s oldest cave system, carved by the waters of Tunnel Creek flowing beneath the Napier Range. You can walk into the tunnel itself, wading waist-deep through freshwater pools. Access to the park is via unsealed roads, approximately 35 kilometres southeast of Windjana Gorge National Park. The area is for day use only, no overnight camping is permitted and access is limited to the dry season only.

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Norval Gallery

Another Derby must! Drop in here to view local artwork and you may even get to meet Mark Norval himself. He is a very talented artist and also very friendly if you have any questions for him.

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Derby Visitor Centre

For everything Derby and surrounds visit the friendly team at the Derby Visitor Centre. If you are looking for maps, brochures, things to do or more information on nearby attractions this is the place to go.